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Android 11 Beta version feature and expected date of launch | Android 11 beta release date

USNMix Report: Beta version of Android 11 will be launched on June 3,
know the special features of Beta version of Android 11 which will be launched on June 3.
The event will be broadcast online. Developers will be able to ask questions live.
The annual Google Developers event has been canceled this year due to the transition, but Google has decided to hold the event on June 3 for Android 11, the new version of Android. In this event of Google, beta version of Android 11 will be released.
The event can be viewed on Google's YouTube channel from 8.30 pm on June 3. Developers from all over the world will be able to attend the event live and be able to answer questions. #AskAndroid has to be used to ask questions.
Android 11 Beta Developer Preview
What will be the topic in Android 11 event?
1. Privacy, 2. Storage access, 3. Composition, 4. Android jetpack, 5. Android development tool, 6. Design tools, 7. Google play, 8. Play commerce
Large, small screen update for foldable phones
Significantly, Google released the first developer preview of Android 11 in February this year. Talking about its features, the punchhole screen feature has been added in Android 11 Developer Preview. Apart from the punchhole, Google has also supported the waterfall screen in it. Apart from this, Google has focused on 5G in Android 11.
There is also a focus on privacy. For example, you will have control over the permission given to the app when you are giving access to it and anything. In the first preview of Android 11, the screen recorder has been given which will be activated with the Quick Settings toggle. One major change has been that Bluetooth will turn off automatically when flight mode is turned on. Apart from this, Google has also made some changes in the way of taking screenshots.


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