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How to Clean Dirty Screen of old Smartphone

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the old mobile looks will become brand new.

Nowadays the craze of touchscreen phone is going up in people. Not only mobile but also available in all touchscreens from tab to TV. But do you know that this beautiful screen from a distance looks dirty with just a little hand, and the result is dirty marks on your display.

Well, you can clear the minor marks on the screen, but what if any dark mark of dirt spoils the tone of the phone? You will know that if there are marks on your screen, then you are not able to work properly, because those marks start appearing on the screen again and again.
How to Clean Dirty Screen of old Smartphone
Clean your phone screen like this
If you are cleaning the dirty screen of your phone, then you do not put too much pressure on it while cleaning, because of this, there is a fear of the screen going bad. There are many types of liquid available in the market to clean the screen, if you clean them, it will be better. You can easily clean the screen by adding light water to the cloth.

When you are cleaning the screen, remember not to clean the cloth from top to bottom or top to bottom. By doing this, there is a risk of moisture in the screen. It would be better if you clean the cloth by rotating it round the screen.

Always use a microfiber cloth to clean the touchscreen of a smartphone or tab. It is very soft and does not scratch the screen. When you install a screen guard on your mobile, do not forget to take the microfiber cloth from the shopkeeper. A similar cloth is also used to clean glasses. It has much softer fibers than ordinary fabrics. It is also available separately in the market.


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