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China has installed 5G base stations

USNMix Report: Work on 5G network is being well-liked in China,
the number of 8.70 million subscribers.

At present, nothing is clear about the auction of 5G spectrum in India, on the other hand, China has prepared 1.13 lakh 5G base stations. Industry and Technology Minister Miao Wei gave this information in a program in Beijing and said that by the end of this year, this number will reach 1.30 lakh. Let us know that the government is helping companies on 5G network in China.

A few days ago 5G service has been started in 50 cities of China. China's three major state-run telecom companies have started 5G service.
China has installed 5G base stations
5G can be used in cities like Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, China. There the initial price of 5G internet pack is 128 Yuan i.e. around Rs 1,290.

Number of subscribers crossed 8.70 lakh
The popularity of 5G in China can be gauged from the fact that the number of 5G subscribers has crossed 8.70 lakhs. The government is also taking help of global companies and research institutes for 5G network. According to Miao Wei, the advantage of 5G network will prove to be a boon for the digital economy. Apart from this, automation will also help a lot.


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