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Disney | Disney Plus | Hotstar | Disney streaming service | Disney Plus India launch date revealed

USNMix Report: Disney Plus India launch date revealed

Protect against Google Play store harmful app for Android Smartphone

USNMix Report: Uninstalled these apps immediately from the smartphone,
otherwise it will be harm you heavily.

If you are fond of having a new and special type of app in your smartphone, then you should be careful. Some apps are very popular, have been downloaded millions of times, but they can also harm you. Let us tell you that Google has recently removed about 29 very popular apps from the Google Play Store. These were all such apps, which had been downloaded millions of times.

Uninstall these apps immediately
According to Google, if you use Android smartphone, you will uninstall Feel Camera HD, Filter Photo Frame, Lens Flares, Magic Effect, QR Code Scanner, Super Mark, Photo Effect Pro, Art Filter, Lie Detector prank, New Hair Fashion, Smart Magnifier Pro, Magnifier Pro- Magnifying glass, Magnifying Glass Pro, Cut Cut Mix, Cut Cut Mix Pro, Galaxy Overlay, Color Splash Photo Effect, Age Face, Photo Blur, Blur Image, Super Magnifier Lite, Magnifying Pro, Qing Camera, Reflex Camera HD, First Camera HD, Rhythm Camera, Pretty Makerup Photo, Glitch Lens - Vaporwave & Ghost Photo Editor, Multi Apps - Multiple Accounts simultaneously Shares should be instantly removed from your smartphone. 
Protect against Google Play store harmful app for Android Smartphone

Why they need to be removed
Cyber security and anti-virus firm Quick Heal Security Labs has said that out of the 29 apps that Google (Google) has remitted, there are 24 apps which are malicious apps, which are in the category of HiddAd. This app hides its icon when first installed on the smartphone and creates a shortcut on the screen. Their purpose is not to remove the user app from the phone.

When the user launches or opens the app through a shortcut, the full screen add is shown on the screen. The remaining 5 apps are actually adware that are installed during visits to the user's social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook and other platforms. Google has removed 29 apps from the Play Store for these reasons.


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