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Zomato discount offer to customers who predict the next Prime Minister

USNMix Report: Describe the correct name of the country's new Prime Minister,
40% discount on Zomato.

The new offer has been offered on behalf of online food delivery platform, zomato. Under this, before the counting on May 23, customers are being given a chance to predict about the next Prime Minister and win cashback on ordering food.

A statement issued by the company said that in this offer of 'zomato election league', cashback will be given to customers who accurately predict the name of the country's next Prime Minister. 
Zomato discount offer to customers who predict the next Prime Minister

Take the advantage of the offer up to 22 May
Earlier, the company had given cashback on the correct premise of the winning team of the Indian Premier League (IPL) through the Zomato Premier League (ZPL). The company said, "Customers will be given a discount of 40 percent on every order and if their prediction is proved correct, they will get 30 percent cashback." Anybody can take advantage of this offer till 22nd May and every order can be given cashback for every correct prediction.

The company said, "As soon as the new Prime Minister is selected in the country, the customers will come in their own Wallet Cash itself." The company said that so far 3,20,000 people from 250 cities of India have participated in this.


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