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ISRO will launch Chandrayaan-2 in July

USNMix Report: The second moon mission Chandrayaan-2
started in July.

For several months, the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) was virtually silent about the country's second moon mission. But just ahead of the results of the Lok Sabha poll, Israeli chairman Kailasavadivoo Shivan said Wednesday that the launch of Chandrayaan-2 will be launched between July 9-16. It can reach the moon by September 6.

First major success in the space mission of the country is Chandrayaan-1. The success of the mission was encouraged by the second Chandra-abhiyan or Chandrayaan-2 project. Later the success of the Mars campaign accelerated the project. But from the middle of the second wave of slow motion in the middle of 2018. Though it was supposed to be launched in January this year, it started to fall back. 
ISRO will launch Chandrayaan-2 in July

The ISRO said that the Chandrayaan-1 and Mangalyaan did not touch the earth or planet. The information collected by eating ornaments in the orbital table is collected. But there are three steps in the second moon. In an orbit (orbiter), the second touches the ground and will remain there (lander) and the third part of the moon car (rover). The lander was named after the veteran of Indian Space Research, Vikram Sarabhai. Rover has been named Pragyan.

Repeated questions raised due to the Chandrayaan-2 project was delayed. Many people say, things like politics and government directive are affecting the 'surasvata' pursuit of space? In particular, this question became even stronger after the announcement to destroy the artificial satellite by throwing missiles just before the vote. The question was raised about why this announcement was made the day before the results of the vote. Although the interpretation of the ISRO formula, several parts have been improved. As a result, the launch has been delayed.

Wednesday was the launch of 'Reset-2B' satellite. The next announcement was made on that occasion. There is no link between vote and politics with Israel, the claim is also linked

ISRO sources said that Chandrayaan-2 will be launched with the GSLV Mark-3 rocket from Satish Dhawan Space Research Center in Andhra Pradesh. After entering 'orbiter' orbital orbit above 100km, the remaining part will start separating. It will hit the Moon in the South Pole and then the rover will be split off and begin to flow form on the Moon. If this mission succeeds, India will be able to drive a rover or a car near the first South Pole of the Moon. This automobile or rover will analyze the chemicals of the Moon soil.


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