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ICC World Cup 2019 Prize Money reaches the highest money ever

USNMix Report: World Cup winner team will get the biggest prize ever,
will surprise the amount.

ICC World Cup 2019 Prize Money: The ICC World Cup is set to begin. The first match on May 30 is between England and South Africa. This time the World Cup in England and Wales will make its prize money and many things special. According to the ICC, the tournament this time the total prize money of the entire tournament will be $ 1 Crore.

Champion team to meet $ 40 lakh
Either the team that plays the World Cup gets some prize money, but this time the champion team will be given a prize money of $ 40 lakh (Rs 28.06 crore). Let us know this is the biggest prize money given to the World Cup winners team. Apart from this, a trophy will also be given to the winners of the tournament of 10 teams. 
ICC World Cup 2019 Prize Money reaches the highest money ever

$ 20 lakh reward for the runner-up
Runners-up will be given $ 20 lakh. Each team reaching the semi-finals will receive a reward of US $ 8 lakh. The team that wins every league match in the World Cup will receive a reward of US $ 40,000. The team, which goes beyond the league, will receive a bonus of 1 lakh dollars.

IPL winners get $ 29 lakh
The $ 40 lakh prize money given to the World Cup winner is more than the recently concluded IPL 2019. The winner of IPL 2019 was awarded a $ 29 lakh prize money. The entire prize money of the tournament was kept at $ 72 lakh.


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