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How to turn off 'Google Search History' feature

USNMix Report: Do not share Google search history,
now what to do to stop this feature?

Google has been keeping an eye on everything Google users search for on Google search. According to Google, they keep collecting these information so that they can easily track the search history and learn about what a user is searching for the most. And user searches repeatedly shows topics which users repeatedly search.

Keep an eye on Google search history so that they can deliver various advertisements according to their needs through the user's search history. For that reason, users can see advertisements on the topic of search by Google in the search field. Advertising of shoes, make-up products, smartphones etc. The search of sites in search of users is repeatedly seen by users. But, many users of Google's program are not very interested. So, the way they are available, how they will stop Google's 'Search History' feature. 
Google has been keeping an eye on everything Google users search for on Google search

Take a look at this method-

For Computer and Mac-

1. Open any browser in the Computer and type the website URL in the URL location at the top of the page - Go to Website

2. Login with Google's ID and password.

3. After log-in, click the 'Web & App Activity' option.

4. Go to 'Web & App Activity toogle off' option here. To stop this feature.

5. Users can also close 'Location History' and even 'YouTube Search History' here.

For Smartphone users-

1. From the Android or iOS smartphone, open the Google app and click on the 'More' option at the bottom.

2. Then click on the 'Search Activity' option to close the 'Web & Activity' option.


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