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Google will give to users more control over data

USNMix Report: Google will give more control over data,
delete information related to location.

Google will soon allow users to review and delete information related to location activity directly in Google Maps.

Between the worldwide debate regarding data security and privacy, Google has announced to give its users many features in the next few months to give more control over the data. These include features related to search and map (maps). Google said in an I/O conference organized for developers that it will make it easier for users to manage data or information in maps, Google assistant and YouTube. The company has introduced a control feature which gives users the option to keep information about location, web and app activities saved for 3 months or 18 months. 
Google will give to user more control over data

Google will soon allow users to review and delete information related to location activity directly in Google Maps. Apart from this, he is creating Incognito mode in the map. Google is working on bringing one-tap convenience for privacy and security settings in platforms like Search, Maps, YouTube, Chrome, Assistant and Google News by the end of this month. Google Chief Executive Officer Sundar Pichai said in the late night program on Tuesday, "We believe that privacy is not needed for all but for everyone, we want to be ahead in fulfilling the expectations of the users."

Google said in the blog post, "We believe that privacy and security are for everyone. We will continue to ensure that our products are safe and we will continue to invest in technology." The company has also announced the upcoming version of its mobile operating system 'Android Q'. Google said that this operating system will give a lot of privacy and will provide users greater control and transparency. Google said that because of better machine learning, its privacy is strengthening the security mechanism.


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