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Facebook Live Streaming Rule changed after attacks on Christ Church in New Zealand

USNMix Report: Important News for Facbook Users,
Live Streaming Rules Changed.

If someone ignores the rules for the first time, the live streaming facility will be discontinued for 30 days. Further action will be taken.

After the live streaming of Facebook attacks on mosques in New Zealand, Facebook has made its rules and sterns on its platform, which has been specially linked to its live camera feature. Under the revised policies of Facebook, the person who violates Facebook's most serious policies will be restricted from live streaming (for the first time for 30 days for violating it for the first time) for a certain time. 
Facebook Live Streaming Rule changed after attacks on Christ Church in New Zealand

Guy Rosen, vice president of Facebook's Integrity Department wrote a blog Tuesday, "In view of the increasing number of crimes, we will now implement a forest strike policy in Live. For example, if someone shares a link to a statement issued by a terrorist organization It will be banned from using live features for a certain time with immediate effect."

Following a live stream of Facebook attacks on two mosques in Christ Church in New Zealand, Facebook has claimed that within 24 hours, it destroyed nearly 1.5 million videos of Christchurch attack itself. Facebook also said that it had restricted 12 million videos after upload, after which they could not see the video users. In Christchurch attacks, 51 people died. The attack was seen 4,000 times before the original video was removed from the platform.


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