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YouTube tries to ban fake news to show info panel to flag misinformation

USNMix Report: New YouTube service to ban Fake News, 
It will start first from India.

The online video company YouTube said on Thursday that he is launching an 'information panel' with video related to the news to remove wrong information and reach the right people. YouTube has begun to curb bogus news.  

A spokesman of the company said, "We are expanding the information panel as per our efforts for better news on YouTube. This will allow a video to be verified with the content of the eligible channel. ' 
YouTube tries to ban fake news to show info panel to flag misinformation

Convenience of breaking news and top news feature
YouTube now offers breaking news and top news feature in English in the country. Under this, whenever there is a big event in the country, certified news sources are preferred. The company said that when any user wants to check authenticity related to any news in Hindi or English, the information panel will be available. YouTube will match any related content to the content of a certain channel.

The spokesperson said that this feature is being first introduced in India. He said that later it would also be made available to other countries. The Google-owned company is working closely with some other third parties, including Boom, Quint, Factley, AFP, Jagran, to check the authenticity of YouTube news.


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