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Xiaomi launches first double foldable smartphone

USNMix Report: Xiaomi Launches World's First Double Foldable Smartphone, 
Will Be So Affordable.

Earlier Samsung and Huawei have launched the Foldable Smartphone, but its price is very high.

In the past, Samsung and Huawei launched the launchable smartphone. Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi does not want to be lagging behind in any case in the smartphone world. Soon it is also preparing to launch the Foldable Smartphone. Several media reports have claimed that Xiaomi will launch this smartphone before June.

Let's say, Samsung and Huawei's phones are very expensive. Xiaomi has made its place in the market by adopting more features strategies in lower prices. Therefore, it is believed that Xiaomi foldable smartphone will be cheaper than Samsung. 
Xiaomi launches first double foldable smartphone

Speaking of the price, the value of Samsung's Foldable Smartphone starts at 1.4 lakhs. At the same time, Huawei's phone is worth close to Rs 1.8 lakh. According to the reports, the price of Xiaomi foldable smartphones will be around $ 999 and about 70000 rupees.

Launching is being said that it can be launched till May and June. This phone will be launched in China earlier. After that it will be landed in the global market.

Last year, Xiaomi Vice President Wang Xiang shared a video from his Twitter handle. In this video the company's co-founder Bin Lin is seen using a foldable smartphone. Wang Xiang tweeted that it is the world's first double foldable smartphone.


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