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TATA Motors intention to extend electric vehicle for personal use

USNMix Report: TATA Motor plans on extension of electric vehicles,
Boost for personal use.

In addition to the government and taxi companies of Tata Motors, there is a plan to bring e-vehicles for personal use. A senior official of the company told this in a separate conversation at the 89th Geneva International Motor Show. Tata Motors currently sells 'Tigor' e-vehicle option in the domestic market.

Most of the supply is to fulfill the order of the government company 'Energy Efficiency Services Limited'. Shailesh Chandra, president of the company's Electric Transport and Corporate Strategy, said that the company has adopted a strategy to focus on the market for the sale of its e-vehicles. The company has decided to sell it at 20-25 locations across the country.
TATA Motors intention to extend electric vehicle for personal use
He said that at least in the next five years we are not considering developing a separate platform for e-vehicles. In the coming years, we will bring such cars (e-vehicles) which will be suitable for taxi ferries, government officials. After this, we will pay attention to personal use e-cars.

In a report last days, it was claimed that the battery operated rickshaw can speed up the adoption of electric vehicles in the country. E-Rickshaw is an easily achievable achievement which can be used to speed up the propulsion of electric vehicles. E-rickshaw's "relevance" is unrivaled as a transportation service for beginners and end-end in some urban areas. Deloitte has said this in a report.


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