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Samjhouta Express will resume on 3rd March after return of IAF Pilot Avinandan

USNMix Report: After the return of Avinandan,
the 'Samjhouta Express' will resume from this day.

Air Force Emblem of the Wing Commander Pilot Avinandan returned Friday night. After this, India and Pakistan have agreed to restore the train service on their behalf. Now the Samjhouta Express will be leaving for Pakistan from Delhi on Sunday. A senior railway official informed about this. The announcement was made the next day after Wing Commander Avinandan Varthaman was released from Pakistan. The official said that the first train from India will run on March 3.

The agreement was canceled on February 28
After the action taken by the IAF, Pakistan canceled its train service on its behalf, after which India canceled the operations of the Samjhauta Express on February 28. The train will run from India on Sunday, while on behalf of Pakistan it will run from Lahore on a return trip on Monday. Trains from India run from Delhi to Atari and from Pakistan to Lahore from Wagah. 
Samjhouta Express will resume on 3rd March after return of IAF Pilot Avinandan
Tension was canceled on the train
In this vehicle, the people who want to travel, have been asked to spread the information about the movement of this vehicle. As the tension between India and Pakistan increased, Indian Railways announced the services of the Samjhouta Express running between the two countries to be canceled till March 03. Only after the Pulwama attack did the tensions rise between India and Pakistan? As the tension increased, the number of people traveling by this car was continue decreasing.

These trains were run in 1976
This train was started between Attari-Lahore on July 22, 1976. The Samjhouta Express passes only three kilometers between Attari-Wagah. After the war in 1971, Shimla agreement was reached between the then Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi and his counterpart Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto. Under this, India and Pakistan had agreed to make rail connections. Since the railway route from Attari to Lahore was already present, there was no blockage in starting the Samjhouta Express.


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