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5 easy steps to select your regional languages in Whatsapp

USNMix Report: Follow 5 Easy Steps 
to Use Whatsapp in Your regional Language.

WhatsApp chat can available in 11 languages now.

After the arrival of WhatsApp, the text messaging has almost stopped. About 200 million in India use this messaging app After the digital revolution, it is also used heavily for video calls besides messaging. In terms of market, India is a huge market for this. That is why, the company sees the stock of prospects here. From time to time, new features are being added in this way, so that consumers can use more facilities. On the other hand, the hold and reach of regional languages in India is very high. In this case, the company has given chat option in many languages. Now, in addition to English and Hindi, it can be used in languages such as Bengali, Telugu, Punjabi, Marathi, Urdu and Tamil. 
5 easy steps to select your regional languages in Whatsapp

In this article, we are going to tell you how you can use WhatsApp in regional languages. Before you tell, if you have not selected a language, then it follows the default language of the phone.

How to choose the language of your choice?

1. Open your WhatsApp first. You will see three dots on the right-top corner. You have to click there.

2. Go to settings after the menu opens.

3. The second option will be the chat option which is to be selected.

4. The top language option will appear. Where you have to tap.

5. After the tap, you will open a list of 11 languages. Here you can choose the language of your choice.


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