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New signaling system of Railway will stopped the Train with one click

USNMix Report: New railway system will be stopped by one click
RailTel Enterprises Limited (REL), a wholly owned subsidiary of RailTel Corporation of India Limited, was entrusted with the task of replacing the old mechanical signaling equipment at 13 railway stations of Northern Railway and replacing them with state-of-the-art electronic interlocking system.

The existing mechanical signaling system uses lever frames to signal down and to change the tracks. The new electronic interlocking signaling system will be able to sign down and change the tracks with one click.
New signaling system of Railway will stopped the Train with one click
3 stations of Delhi and 10 Ambala division
According to our website, the 13 railway stations assigned to REL are from Delhi Mandal and 10 Ambala mandals. The 10 railway stations of Kalayat, Kaithal and Pehowa Road and Ambala mandal are included in 3 stations of Delhi Division, Anandpur Sahib, Nangal dam, Ropar Thermal Plant, Baluwana, Gidderbaha, Malout, Pakki, Panjkosi, Hindulkot and Futuhi. The estimated cost of this project is about Rs. 87 crores.

R.E.L The agreement has been signed to start work between North Railway and This Agreement is General Manager, Northern Railway T.P. The presence of Singh (from via Jaipur via video conferencing) happened. Chief Signals and Telecommunication Engineers / Projects / Northern Railway Neeraj Gupta and R.L. Group General Manager P.V. Srikanth signed this agreement. On this occasion, Additional General Manager of North Railway, Rajesh Tiwari, Chief Signal and Telecommunication Engineer, North Railway, S.P. Upadhyay, R.E.L. Chairman Puneet Chawla, REL Director A.K. Sablania and R.E.L. many senior railway officials were present.

Highlighting the utility of these new systems, Mr. T.P., General Manager, Northern Railway. Singh said that this state-of-the-art signaling system will be helpful in improving safety and efficiency in rail operations. We need to complete the process of installation of this system at these stations.


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