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Maglev Train set at a speed of 600 KM per Hour in India

USNMix Report: India will also make a "Maglev Train", 
set at a speed of 600 KM / hour. Learn Features.

Only Japan and China have this technology in the world. America also does not have Maglev Train's technical.

After Japan and China, the model of Maglev Train, which is now 600 kilometers per hour, has been prepared in India. It has been prepared in Indore's Advanced Technology Center. Only then the railway revolution will be used when the railway university will be built in India. At present, a model of this Maglev train has been developed in Indore, which is the center of attraction for children from school student.

RRCAT Scientist R. S Shinde has prepared this model by working hard day and night with a team of 50 people. After about 10 years of hard work, this model has been created which appeared on the magnetic field above its surface i.e. 
Maglev Train set at a speed of 600 KM per Hour in India

At present, except for Japan and China, this technology is not available to anyone. America is also far from this technology. But, after this model India is quite close. In this, the total is calculated by the liquid nitrogen from the super conductor, which is in the magnetic field, the magnetic field generated by which it is generated, the movement is given by using it with speed. 

On the occasion of World Science Day, a large number of school children reached RRKT and were amazed at the different types of inventions, and the children, who took the enormity of learning something new, had many questions. Maglev train is the hottest center for these children.

Raja Ramanna Center For Advanced Technology (RRCAT), also known as RRCAT In this center, under the Department of Atomic Energy, Government of India, the scientists are researching on new technology in the day to progress the different areas of the country. The scientists here have successfully tested the Maglev train with a speeding bullet train. In general, this train will run in the air. The speed of this train running on the magnetic field can reach up to 800 kilometers per hour.

At the moment, this train has been successfully tested. However, how the government will use this technique will be known in the coming years, but the technique of Maglev train made entirely with indigenous technology is equivalent to the technology of Japan and China.

After inventing this technique, many research agencies abroad are in contact with RRCAT scientists. They also want to research together. At the moment, the government will have to think about how they use this technique of scientists. However, in RRCAT, research and development is done primarily on different areas associated with nuclear energy. But the scientists here have been working continuously in the other sectors that are energizing the country. Another, where the army is introducing its bravery at the border of the country. At the same time, scientists of the country are also helping to upgrade the Army's weapons through new technology. RRCAT scientists have done successful research on laser beams through which several kilometer standing tanks can be destroyed.

Most research on laser being done in RRCAT, established in 1984. These laser beams are used in nuclear reactors. But along with this, the scientist has done many experiments to use the laser in another area. Difficult to hard operation can be done in the medical field through different laser beams. Laser beam can be used in the field of war. 

The scientists here have invented the laser beam on the tank in the field of war, through which can be precisely targeted for several kilometers away. In addition, this technology is being used well in the automobile industry.

RRCAT office-bearers say that as these research centers fully investigate the confidential, but considering the needs of the country, many other areas have also been used, which is very important to protect the country. Along with this, our industries have got new technology at a lower cost. Many work is done on these. In the current tense atmosphere where the Army is introducing its bravery, the country's scientists are also contributing to the security of the country through its experiments.


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