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Learn how to run two Whatsapp account in a smartphone

USNMix Report: Learn how to run 2 WhatsApp account in a smartphone,
follow 5 steps.

Nowadays most of the smartphones have dual-app facility.

Nowadays, most smartphones have a dual SIM option. In such a case, will it come to your mind whether it is possible to use WhatsApp both numbers? If it comes to your mind, then let me know that this is possible. Nowadays, most of the smartphones feature 'App cloning' feature.
Learn how to run two Whatsapp account in a smartphone

This can be in the name of App Cloning, Dual App or App Twin. Click here to open the full list in front of you. All the apps in the list are available, the clone of all is possible. Meaning, if the list includes Messenger and Facebook, you can play two Messenger and two Facebook in a phone.

How to Use 'App Clone'?
1. Go to Settings and click on App Clone option. There you can also change its name.
2. Go back to the Home screen from the settings and click on the clone app.
3. Here you will be asked for a number. The number from which you want to use the second whatsapp is to type the number.
4. Message will be sent from that number for verification.
5. After OTP verification you have to proceed by extracting all the options. After the process is complete, you will be able to run two whatsapps in a phone.

Use this method if there is no dual app option
If you do not get a dual-op option in the setting or your smartphone does not have the facility, then do not need to panic. We are going to tell you how two accounts can be run. For this you need to download an app such as App Cloner, Multi Accounts, 2 Lines for Whazzap, CM AppClone from the Play Store. Through this, you can run two accounts in a smartphone.


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