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Know how to correct PAN card detail with Aadhaar linking at home

USNMix Report: Correct the wrong information on the PAN is done by sitting at home,
it is necessary to link back to March 31.

If you have not linked the PAN card from the base, then complete this work before March 31.
How to correct PAN card detail with Aadhaar linking at home

PAN card is very important for financial transactions. If you have to file a tax return then this is not possible without a PAN card. Your name and PAN number are given on the PAN card. It is now necessary to link the pan to the base. If your PAN card is not linked to the base then you can not file income tax returns. In such a situation, all the information about you is correct on the PAN and basis. If you have incorrect information on your PAN card then you can fix it as you sit in this way.

If you do not have the correct information on the PAN card, you will not be able to file income tax returns. For the first time people who have filed their returns may not be aware that a slight mistake in PAN card or ITR form can be severe. There is no need to run away to update the PAN card, it can be updated in a few minutes.

1. Actually, to get your name correct on the PAN card via e-mail, you have to complete a form. You can download this FORM.

2. With this form you will have to submit documents as proof to correct the name. If an incorrect name is printed on the PAN card due to the mistake made by the Income Tax Department, then you can refer to the document on which your name is printed correctly.

3. If you have changed your name later, you will have to give a copy of that official gazette, in which the name changed has been printed.

4. After this you will receive a mail from the Income Tax Department through e-mail. In which your changed name will be given details. Just after approving it, your name and address will change. It takes only a few days.

For information, please note that even after the time limit for connecting the PAN from the PAN card to the 31 March, 50% of the PAN card holders have added their base to the PAN. Sushil Chandra, Chairman of the Central Board of Direct Taxes, said that the Income Tax Department has so far allocated 42 crores permanent account number (PAN). Of these, 23 million people have added support to the pan. While hearing on the basis of the Supreme Court, the basis was compulsory while filing income tax return. The Supreme Court has fixed the deadline for connecting the pan and base on March 31.


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