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Deloitte provide education and skill training to young people in India

USNMix Report: Deloitte will train 10 million young people in India, 
preparing for fourth Industrial Revolution.

It was said by the company that preparing all the people for the fourth industrial revolution is very important.

Big-4 professional service provider Deloitte said on Sunday that it will provide education and skill training to 10 million girls and women in India. Its purpose is to prepare them for getting new jobs with the changing times. Deloitte said in a statement that this work will be done under the company's global initiative 'World Class'. The aim of this initiative is to provide support to one crore girls and women by 2030 through education and skill development.
Deloitte provide education and skill training to young people in India
According to the statement, the purpose of 'world class' initiatives released on the global level is to prepare 5 million people better for future work. This is consistent with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal (SDG). According to the company, Deloitte in India, under this program, to continue studies in girls' schools, to improve academic results and to develop skills for women so that better opportunities for employment are available to them.

For this initiative, Deloitte will partner with the stories and first such organizations. These organizations are working with millions of children and youth in schools for better education for different communities in the country. "Our motto is to create 5 million people with education and skill by 2030 through World Class initiative, so that they can get meaningful work in the new economy," said Punit Rengen, global CEO of Deloitte. '' He said that with the fourth industrial revolution, there is a widespread change in the world and for this, we need to work together so that no one is left behind.


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