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5G Technology mobile network may start in India in coming years

USNMix Report: 5G technology may start in India in the next 2-3 years,
25 times faster than 4G.

Nokia said that 5G will get a speed of one gigabit per second, which is 25 times faster than 4G.

NOKIA, a gear maker for the telecom sector, said that the ongoing discussions of some companies in Europe and other parts will not have any impact on the launch of 5G from the ongoing discussions. Nokia's Chief Executive Officer Rajeev Suri said that 5G technologies will be started in emerging markets including America, South Korea and China and emerging markets including India and Latin America. He said that with this, security will be the biggest priority for companies, because the network will be able to exchange millions of confidential information through this network. 
5G technology may start in India in coming years
Asked about the delay in introduction of 5G and increase in costs, he said, "Clearly, the facts are not in favor of these claims. Finally, 5G is an ecosystem, no copyright of anyone. "There has been speculation that the ban on the Chinese company Huawei in many countries is delaying the start of 5G and the cost is increasing. Many countries have banned the purchase of goods from Huawei, a Chinese company. There have been reports that Huawei has more patents related to 5G than any other company.

Suri said on Sunday, "No one company can decide how and when and how 5G will be developed. It does not depend on any one company. It seems very irresponsible to me that Nokia can meet the needs of the US but can not meet the requirements of European countries. "Nokia said that the speed of one gigabit per second from 5G will be fast 25 times as compared to 4G.


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