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Microsoft search engine Bing not open in China

USNMix Report: Microsoft's search engine Bing not opening in China, 
fears to be blocked.

Microsoft's search engine Bing not open in China on Thursday. Social media users fear that it is not a new foreign website that has been banned by Chinese censors.

From Wednesday onwards, the message of wrong address (error) appears when the Bing search engine URL 'CN dotting dot com' ( dot com) is opened in China. In a statement, Microsoft spokesman said, "We confirm that Bing can not be opened in China at this time." We are engaged in further action. "
Microsoft search engine Bing not open in China

He said that the company is investigating this matter. Online censorship is also organized in China's communist system. It is known as 'Great firewall' in the technology world.

It has restricted the site of many other foreign media institutions including Facebook, Twitter. Although in the case of Bing it is not clear whether it has been included in the list of restricted websites in China or because of any other technical flaws it is not able to run. China has not yet commented on this.


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